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The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) region is one of the largest transportation hubs in the United States. Nonetheless, auto-dependent transportation in both the DFW region and the US is highly inequitable. While affluent populations use automobiles to reach their destinations, low income populations, persons with disabilities, and the elderly are frequently forced to rely upon underfunded transit systems for commuting and access to education, jobs, health and childcare services. This certificate program prepares students to plan, advocate, and engineer for better equity within existing transportation resources and infrastructure.

Admission requirements: Existing Master of City and Regional Planning and Master of Science in Civil Engineering students may earn this certificate by completing the required courses and submitting a Request for Certificate to the UTA Office of Records. Non-degree seeking students must satisfy the admission requirements established by the Graduate School for special non-degree-seeking and graduate certificate applicants.

Requirements for the Certificate: Students must complete 15 graduate credit hours and maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The curriculum requires three core courses and two elective courses.

Core (3 Courses):

  • CE 5337. Urban Transportation Planning. or PLAN 5309. Transportation/Land Use Modeling and Policy.
  • PLAN 5315. Transportation Policies, Programs and History.
  • PLAN 5327. Green Cities and Transportation.

Electives (Choose 2 Courses):

  • CE 5331. Traffic Engineering Operations.
  • CE 5333. Traffic Control Systems.
  • CE 5338. System Evaluation.
  • CE 5392. Special Topics in Air Pollution, Topic 2: Transportation and Air Quality.
  • CE 6308. Analytical Models in Transportation.
  • CE 6309. Traffic Flow Theory.
  • PAPP 5309 Local Politics in the Intergovernmental Setting.
  • PLAN 5313. Urban Growth Policies.
  • PLAN 5395. Exploring a Future of Hypermobility.
  • PLAN 5310. Planning, Urban Development and Structure.
  • PLAN 5333. Graphics and Multimedia Communication in Planning.
  • PLAN 5358. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Planning.
  • PLAN 5360. Computer Methods for Transportation Planning.
  • PLAN 6311. Spatial Theory and Policy: Urban Form and Structure.
  • SOCW 5303. Foundations of Social Policy and Services.
  • SOCW 5343. Health Policy and Social Justice.

Program Coordinator :

Ivonne Audirac

Associate Director - Education University of Texas at Arlington audirac@uta.edu

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